Air-Land Transport Service, 1020 W. Birchwood St. Morton, IL 61550 | 309.263.2899

The roots of Air-Land Transport Service, Inc. go back to more than 75 years ago when Speedy Delivery Service was founded by John R. Gray, Sr.   Speedy Delivery Service began in 1945, delivering to the grocery, printing, and retail industries. 

In order to meet customers’ growing transportation needs, the focus was shifted towards the truckload industry.  In 1980, Air-Land Transport Service, Inc was founded by John R. Gray, Jr. (Corkey) embracing principles upon which Speedy Delivery Service was built embracing total customer satisfaction.  March of 2020, Air-Land Transport Service, Inc. will be celebrated 40 years in the truck load transportation business. 

Another important detail for 2020, is the change in ownership of Air-Land Transport Service, Inc.  As of January 1, 2020 the business is now owned and operated by Gary Christopher and Michele Kauffman, two long term employees who have partnered to keep Air-Land going strong. Gary has been with the company for 32 years overseeing the operations side of things.   Michele has been with Air-Land for 24 years and oversees the finance side of things.  Together with their dedicated staff, they will continue to provide customers with top notch service. 

The company will continue with the same values, commitment and integrity, that John R. Gray, Sr. and John R. Gray, Jr. instilled in all of us.